At Kazisha, we use innovative and pre-tested AI to assess candidates. The AI is data-driven and is always under strict SML(Supervised Machine Learning) Observers and regulators from NGO's and human rights/ethics committees periodically analyze and audit our AI systems.



We analyse core brain function such as:

  • Attention

  • Speed

  • Memory

  • Visualization

At Kazisha we check a candidate's abstract reasoning, visual reasoning. language and comprehension, logical and  critical reasoning, problem solving , decision making and judgment skills

These show an employees ability to think logically and their ability to analyse any given situation and derive logical conclusions.

 "Cognitive ability predicts job performance 2X better than job interviews, 3X better than work experience and 4X than education level"


Personality traits

Tracks and exposes key personaliy traits that can affect cultural embracing, trainability and job performance

Motivation, Value, preferences & attitude

Kazisha AI analyses what drives and motivates a candidate for a specific role.

We ask questions such as what inspires an individual to move from one job to another.

We ensure your new employee does the work not only for today but also a year later when the world has evolved.

Although we cannot predict the future, we ensure our candidates are thinking about it everyday!

Dark Personality Traits

Kazisha also identifies important traits that impact safety of employees, clients and work culture as a whole.

We assess a candidates behavioural history right from the start of high school.

We collaborate with national security organs and CID's to access records and analyses them.

Examples include:

  • Receding patience

  • Opportunism

  • Thrill-seeking

  • Temparamentality

  • impulsiveness

Sample Test

Find the mistakes in these lines of code and correct them. Please explain the final purpose of the code