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Changing lives through mentorship

If you had the information you have currently about life, right from birth, would you still be the same person? Would you have lived life differently? Would you have made the same choices? 

At Menta, we hand you the facts necessary to make the best choices not only in your career, but also in your life.

Diversity Students


College is never as you see it to be, work life is not as you have always imagined. The best person to have you understand this and make an informed career choice is one who has already been in the field. 

At Kazisha we connect you to mentors, students and professionals in your career line to help mentor you and inform you of your career choice before you make the leap. We also help you learn of matters such as :

  • Sexual health 

  • Leadership

  • Enterprenuership

  • Self development

  • Corruption

  • Ethics

  • Financial literacy

And many more topics depending on your preference.


Basic Plan

  • All mentorship sessions

  • General mentor sessions

  • General follow up

KES. 4000


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      All of basic +

  • Dedicated Mentors

  • Dedicated counsellor

  • Custom Internship

  • Access to Teams and clubs

  • Travel abroad

KES. 15,000



​All of Basic +

  • Self - paced

  • For Form 4 leavers only

KES. 7000


  • Fully customized per needs

  • Flexible schedule with school needs

  • Custom pricing based on expenses

  • Data centered

  • Impact driven

Custom price

Best mentors

You learn about your career in all aspects. We not only connect you to the best people in your field but also connect you to some who are just "starting out" so that you get the full picture.

Career streamlined mentorship

Before you settle for a career choice, our specialists analyse you and inform you the best career to choose and you are placed in your best slot (Of course after agreeing)

Practical sessions

After every module, every member is supposed to submit a mini-project and complete it.


Gap year internships

Get interned in your career field at one of our partner firms


The programme builds a student's confidence concerning their careers while nurturing them that they start life after form four with an edge.

Ms. Gladys Otido
Alliance High sch. Career department.